Waterloo Uncovered Prospectus

Since 2015, Waterloo Uncovered has been taking VSMP to excavate on the site of one of the world’s most decisive battles – Waterloo in Belgium – where we have made important new discoveries about the fighting there, and about the people who took part. Our excavation is professional and academically robust, run in partnership with AWAP, L - P : Archaeology, University of Ghent & University of Glasgow. No archaeological experience is required to take part in our work – all training will be done as part of our programmes. As the charity has grown, so has our scope of support programmes. In addition to our annual excavation at Waterloo, we now offer a varied range of programmes, all of which use archaeology as a primary tool to improve the wellbeing, education and recovery of our participants. What’s more, by participating in Waterloo Uncovered Programmes, veterans will be an integral part of a team performing essential functions & using their own military experience to help further the archaeological interpretation of the Waterloo Battlefield. Many of the VSMP we support have experienced service-related wounds and injuries or suffer from a range of mental health conditions. Taking part in a Waterloo Uncovered Support Programme can help rebuild wellbeing and confidence, give the opportunity to learn new skills and provide a great forum to mix with people from a variety of backgrounds with shared experiences. Participants on our programmes are supported by our expert wellbeing and support team who help encourage them along their journey to recovery. All of our professionals come from military mental health backgrounds, have a wealth of knowledge and are able to support and broker new care pathways as and when required. It’s important to note that our support is not the same as clinical therapy, but it is light-touch and aims to leave participants with improved tools for managing day to day situations. All those who enrol with us work towards their own set of personal goals and have the chance to immerse themselves within an important part of history, with a likeminded group of people. Waterloo Uncovered is a groundbreaking charity that combines world-class archaeology with a programme of care and recovery for Veterans and Serving Military Personnel (VSMP) who have struggled with the physical or mental impacts of their service. Introduction WATERLOO UNCOVERED 4