Waterloo Uncovered Prospectus

Waterloo Uncovered presents veterans with a wide range of unique opportunities that are only accessible through our carefully designed and tailored programmes. Exposure to heritage, arts, history and archaeology, in addition to wellbeing and mindfulness techniques, equips participants with a tool kit that we hope will help them to improve personal independence and resilience, and encourage them to better manage life challenges once they’ve completed their time with us. It is hoped that by fully engaging with our programmes and utilising the professional support available, our VSMP will develop new interests and improve their practical and social skills. Our programmes are designed to foster both personal and professional development through opportunities to learn and form relationships with others who have similar or shared experiences. By using discovery as an aide to recovery, the programmes offered by Waterloo Uncovered continue to help veterans find peace from war. All of our VSMP support programmes are designed with improved wellbeing for participants as the primary objective. Summary Please note we can only accept applications that come via our referral partners. If you are a veteran or a serving member of the armed forces and you’re interested in enrolling on one of our programmes, please do get in touch and we can direct you to our referral organisations who help us to identify suitable candidates. Places are very limited and applications will close when places have been filled. WATERLOO UNCOVERED 16